Welcome to Bio-system analysis lab!

Explosive growth of the number of information devices and complexity of them cause serious difficulties of information-communication systems today. Whole new information and communication science and technology, including new algorithms, control mechanisms, architectures, and design theory, is thus strongly desired to ensure reliable communication that is essential for our daily life.

In order to solve the problems and realize future information-communication systems, our laboratory takes a much unique approach in the world; we focus on “information processing in biological systems”. Living organisms have evolved flexible and highly efficient organizations to realize various and robust information processing and communication.

We analyze and elucidate underling mechanisms of information-communication of living systems, and develop next-generation algorithms for information-communication in artificial systems solving urgent issues by utilizing the achievements.

Our research areas are on cutting edges of both information and communication technology and biology. We are proposing whole new information-communication technology based on various key concepts including

  • Bio-inspired information and communication technology,
  • Self-organization,
  • Fluctuation,
  • Plasticity,
  • and Information theory.